Escapees tell their story

September 29th, 2020

“This isn’t working. I’ve been misled, harmed, ill served. I want out. I need to find a better way of life.” Such are the thoughts of someone feeling trapped in an unhealthy belief system or subculture.

The need to escape can become desperate. But what does escape actually look like? How does one break free? What is the view from the other side?

Mary Baker Eddy‘s system known as Christian Science, once regarded as the new wave in religion, is now fading from the scene. Still it retains a tenacious and harmful hold over many thousands of followers who would be better off leaving.

Now for the first time ever in book form, the challenges and rewards of leaving Christian Science for biblical Christianity are vividly illustrated in ten first-person accounts skillfully compiled by Lauren Hunter.

Her book is called Leaving Christian Science. The format she has devised, with study questions and a pastoral reflection after each chapter, makes this not just a narrative for information but a resource for spiritual growth.

I’ve spent decades unlearning the fallacies of Christian Science and helping others do so. Our path for spiritually starting over would have been quicker and clearer with this inspiring book as a roadmap.

CS is a sort of “belief trap,” easy to slip into but hard to get out of. These escapees’ true experiences are a huge encouragement.

As one of those profiled in the book, I can attest to the author’s accuracy and discernment in retelling the stories. I personally know most of the others profiled as well, and your time spent in their company will be well repaid.

I’m ordering copies to share with friends, and one for my reference shelf, to read again and again. It’s a treasure. I urge you to get your copy of Leaving Christian Science today.

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