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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

(By John Andrews) I received Christian baptism on the eve of Easter 1993 at St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church in Denver, having resigned my lifelong membership in the Christian Science church several months before.

After I met Carl Gans in 1998, and we realized how similar our journeys from Mrs. Eddy’s teachings to the Cross had been, he suggested we co-author an open letter to Christian Scientists.

That was the origin of the Ananias statement, which circulated on paper for several years until this website was established about 2002. Along the way, David Petteys and Sonia Zawacki joined us as signers of the letter.

We’re now adding a blog to, for convenience in posting other written materials old and new, linking to relevant sites, and fostering discussion both among ourselves and with anyone who wishes to respond. (more…)