Questions for a Christian Scientist

August 11th, 2012

Wouldn’t you want the whole Bible, every verse of its truth, every word of its love, and not just parts of it? Wouldn’t you want all of Christ Jesus, Jesus in his fulness as God incarnate, Savior and Lord, conquering King, crucified and risen and alive today, reigning at the right hand of the Father where he ever intercedes for us, and not a lesser Jesus denied his divinity?

What are you missing in the Bible, what are you missing in Jesus, when you accept a diminished substitute for each one’s wholeness across the millennia, propounded by a woman in Boston just a hundred years ago?

I know this may be hard for you to hear, but the only way to have the Son of God in full and the Scriptures in full is to follow Christianity as a wholehearted Protestant or Catholic or Orthodox believer (all are equally valid) and cease following Mary Baker Eddy.

Yes, break off with Christian Science – in order to engage with God’s Word and God’s Son as never before; in order to come to the Cross of Christ. Or do you feel no need of that?

Think how much you love God as Life, Truth, and Love; as Principle, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. More than words can say, right? To know the depth and breadth of His all-acting self-expression as Mind or Principle, you wouldn’t want to miss a single page of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, would you?

To see all the way into what Jesus was claiming with his “I am” statement about personally being Truth and Life, you wouldn’t want to take anyone’s word for it but his own about who he was, would you? Yet Mrs. Eddy interposes herself as gatekeeper there. Are you content with that?

I was content with it for many years. But there came a time when, as a Sunday School teacher for teens at our branch church, I wanted to help them take Jesus more seriously – and realized I ought to take him more seriously myself.

Then while serving as First Reader a few years later, I began to see as never before what a treasure the Bible is. Confining my study within the blue chalk lines didn’t seem adequate for really searching the Scriptures as Jesus commanded. “There is more here,” I realized.

How much more, I never dreamed. You can find what I found, what many of us have found, but only by inquiring and exploring and seeing for yourself. What’s stopping you?

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