Interceding for Dave

July 22nd, 2010

Dave and Beth (not their real names) need our prayers. He is on the doorstep between the Christian Science church and the Body of Christ. She is a devoted believer who follows this website and derives encouragement from it, has reached out to one of us by phone, and invites us to intercede for the completion of Dave’s conversion. Below is her email to us, edited to protect their privacy.

Beth, if you see this, since it’s not possible for me to respond by email at present, please call me any time at 720.489.7700. And know that our prayers are with you and your husband.

Thank you all at Ananias for this website which has been so helpful and hopeful for me. I say hopeful because I have been married to a CS person for many years and there hasn’t been a day in all those years that I haven’t asked my Lord and Savior Jesus to unleash my wonderful husband from the bonds of CS! We are getting closer to the finish line every day and my hope never ceases. Several months ago he asked Jesus to come into his heart.

Wonderful things are happening with him and our relationship since then. We are worshiping together at Grace Church and also involved with other Christians in a small group. We also go to Woodlawn Christian Church. and we volunteer for a ministry in the inner city. I am asking for your prayers, as he still attends the CS church.

My husband and I are also praying about going this fall on a Bible study cruise, sponsored by a leading evangelist. What an exciting trip this would be if we’re supposed to go. We are just waiting on God’s leading about it.

Since I must be very careful in my approach to this subject with Dave, I am submitting this note anonymously. About a year ago I contacted Carl Gans and spoke to him for a couple of minutes. I asked him for prayers . Let him know that his prayers are working! Praise Jesus!!

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