Hear Lewis’s classic of the faith

May 7th, 2009

Originally presented as radio talks during the Second World War, C. S. Lewis’s beloved Mere Christianity returned to the airwaves on Easter 2009 with an oral reading by my daughter and me on Backbone Radio, my weekly program heard throughout Colorado. Click to hear the podcast.

Though Backbone Radio usually sticks to political topics, the show is really about the ideas that shape our lives. So the claims of the most influential man who ever lived were a natural focus for the day that Christians consider the holiest of the year.

On the air, and now online as a podcast, Tina and I read seven of Lewis’s central chapters lasting almost two hours. Included are “The Rival Conceptions of God,” “The Invasion,” “The Shocking Alternative,” “The Perfect Penitent,” “The Practical Conclusion,” “The Obstinate Tin Soldiers,” and “Let’s Pretend.”

C. S. Lewis’s writings and experiences were instrumental in my journey from Christian Science to the Cross of Christ. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like a copy of my essay about him.

The author can be reached at andrewsjk@aol.com

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