Who are today’s ‘women at the cross’?

March 30th, 2009

Jesus’ mother and the other women keeping vigil on Calvary weren’t metaphysicians. They were personal followers of the personal Jesus, the only begotten Son, their saving Lord, God in the flesh. But Mary Baker Eddy writes as if they were fellow Christian Scientists, witnessing “the final demonstration of what life is.” Referring to Jesus’ interrogation by the Roman governor as to “What is Truth?” she states: “The women at the cross could have answered Pilate’s question. They knew what had inspired their devotion, winged their faith, opened the eyes of their understanding…” (SH 48-49).

A couple of things here don’t ring true for me. One, I was brought to the cross by a “who,” not a “what.” It was Jesus, my elder brother and best friend, who drew me irresistibly to himself. I wanted a Savior, not an idea.

And two, think how few of Mrs. Eddy’s children, women or men, in her time or in ours, are really found “at the cross.” In their books, in church, giving treatments and “knowing the truth,” yes. But at the bleeding feet of him who was and is the truth, not a lot.

Today’s women at the cross are those who worship the crucified and risen Lord exactly as Mary Magdalene did, with no buts about it. Editing this website gives me the privilege of knowing some of them and hearing their stories of forsaking metaphysical self-salvation for true biblical discipleship.

Two I’ve recently become acquainted with through their letters to Ananias.org are Jennifer Laughlin Scharbach in New York and Trena Irwin in Mississippi.

Previously I came to know and admire Linda Kramer, who wrote a book about her journey and now edits the Christian Way site serving former Christian Scientists, and Sonia Zawacki, a signer of the original Ananias letter on our home page.

If you’d like to contact any of them for mutual sharing of thoughts and experiences, click the links on their names.

The author can be reached at andrewsjk@aol.com

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