Seeking and finding God

April 8th, 2017

A young man I know lost his dad who died in a Christian Science care facility even though the practitioners were working overtime. This destroyed his faith.

I understand that. This young man now proclaims himself a “none”, which means atheist I guess.

But there’s this: It may be that it isn’t that God doesn’t exist, but that God isn’t who the young man thought He was. The idea that a practitioner can mentally work so as change things and bend God to a personal will borders on magic, not Christian prayer. Certainly, there are those who do have a healing ministries with the prayers of intervention, but it’s done with great humility and is a gift.

The authentic Christian Church is vast, like literature. All kinds of people are doing all kinds of things. Once in a while someone does something remarkable, just like trends or best sellers emerge in literature. But we plod on. It’s a question of getting to know who God is, and how to grow closer to Him, and to try to understand His love for us, his creation.

Interesting note: Carl Jung, the famous Austrian psychologist, noted that when his patients went to confession, he lost 90% of them. They had found a better way. Lately I’ve been doing this upon the advice of my Spiritual Director, someone I see once a month who accompanies me on my spiritual journey. The sacrament of reconciliation really does wash you clean!

Dave Petteys of Denver is a retired airline pilot and former Marine. He became a Roman Catholic after many years in Christian Science. He is a co-signer of the welcome letter on this website.

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