Sermon: Celebrating Our Rebirth

September 10th, 2014

Here’s the other side of the coin, and a much happier side, from my previous post, “If not on this rock, where?” That one looks at the tendency of some people to assume that if Christian Science with its claim to be the final revelation

and the highest interpretation of Scripture has failed them, the Bible and God himself bear no further investigation. All of it is but an outgrown superstition, they conclude.

But many of us who left C.S. have reached just the opposite conclusion: God is real, the Bible has the answers, and the way to those answers is Jesus Christ–crucified, risen, reigning, and soon to return. There could be no greater reason to celebrate and rejoice, which is what I had the honor to invite former Christian Scientists to do as our weekend together in St. Louis began on August 1.

Here’s the video of my sermon at the opening of Katherine Beim-Esche’s “Being Known” conference for the newly formed Fellowship of Former Christian Scientists with participants from 8 states. You can contact her for more information about FFCS at If you’d like to have the sermon as a Word document, contact at

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