Realizing we can’t be our own savior

January 27th, 2013

Initially, I left the local Christian Science church when I saw hypocrisy in myself and the local branch church where I was an active member. I could no longer pretend we all had perfect lives. We defended bylaws we could not and did not keep. We created a world of facades where the outside mattered so much more then the inside. I initially thought to pull my membership out but still attend services. At the same time, God began to steer me towards mainstream Christianity.

I attended services with my husband at local protestant churches.
However, I still pined for my old branch church and attended church services there occasionally over the next 4 years. Each time the service became less appealing. Members I had once shared fellowship with now considered me bitter and disloyal. I could know longer comfortably listen to or read Mary Baker Eddy’s writings. I left my last Christian Science service with the feeling I had just attended a funeral. Indeed, it was the burial of any attraction I once had towards Christian Science.

During this time, I felt lost. The God I learned about in CS no longer
existed. Even though I confessed that Jesus was my Lord and Savior,
this was not my reality. From my decades in CS, I struggled with the
name Jesus. I struggled with praise songs where his name was exalted.
I struggled. Still, we continued to attend services. Eventually, my
husband and I made the decision to have full water submergence baptism.
This was the beginning of our relationship with the God of the
Scriptures. Home groups and church services began to reveal a different
bible. A bible that meant what it said. A bible with a story — a
story that made sense. A story that could make sense of my story.

My total transformation came when Jesus became more than a way shower
(as in Christian Science). When Jesus became my brother, my savior and
my Lord. The power of Jesus’ name in my life was transforming. What a
waste not to know him for forty years, to not know his love,
forgiveness and redeeming power.

Still, during this time, I viewed Christian Science as a church that had evolved into a cult-like experience. I actually believed Mary Baker Eddy never meant for that to happen.

Finally, Easter Sunday several years ago, my eyes became opened and I
saw clearly for the first time that Christian Science was a false
religion. A false religion foretold in scripture. A dangerous false
religion. One that teaches man to deny their sins. Where man is not held accountable. Individuals must mentally work out their own salvation by right thinking. Problems all result from wrong thoughts. A religion where we are essentially our own saviors.

Mary Baker Eddy separated Jesus from Christ. Mary Baker Eddy elevated
Christian Science to the biblical role of comforter. She exalted and
defended her place as its leader whilst undermining God’s son, his
role and sacrifice.

Mary Baker Eddy was not a prophet of God. Mainstream Christians did not
turn against her because she was ahead of her time or a woman. They
stood against her because she was biblicaly incorrect on every point.

Mary Baker Eddy was a lonely woman who was led astray and used by the
enemy to gather a flock behind her.

Through painful steps, I have moved from revering her, to justifying her, to accepting her, to hating her… I now choose to forgive her.

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