They ask: What happened to you?

October 26th, 2011

What happened to me was that I realized I couldn’t make it without Jesus and his Cross. I needed to be in a living, personal relationship with Him. Christian Science didn’t offer me that, so I fled to where it was offered.

So goes the simplest answer I can give today, or could ever have given since leaving Mrs. Eddy’s church in 1992 and receiving Christian baptism in 1993, when asked by a Christian Scientist friend (aloud, or more often with that clearly sensed but unspoken question):

“What happened to you, that a devoted lifelong Scientist would just leave and, worse yet, fall in with the evangelicals and their ‘old theology’?”

I thought about this ever-recurring Q&A the other day when corresponding with a CS friend overseas. It was first put to me in those precise terms by the late Carl Gans, when he proposed the jointly written “What happened to you?” letter which in time became the departure point of this website.

Carl, my beloved brother in Christ, how I miss you every day! How good it will be to see you in Heaven when that time comes. Till then, thank you for the noble shining undimmed example you gave us all.

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