After fourteen years

January 5th, 2011

Paul writes of having spent fourteen years, after his conversion on the Damascus road, coming to know Jesus better and preparing for the fulness of his missionary work as related in the epistles and the Book of Acts (see Galatians 2:1).

Recently in corresponding with Dave in Boston, a former Christian Scientist still half-convinced that Mrs. Eddy is a biblically prophesied revelator, I was reminded of a collection of short pieces dating from 1997 that I had put together to help friends understand why I left Science and embraced biblical Christianity.

That collection, “On Coming to the Cross and Ceasing to Edit God,” is posted here.
Andrews – On Coming to the Cross. After fourteen years I find that it still stands up pretty well.

God’s wise, gentle, but unrelenting course of spiritual growth that He individually provides for each of us is a marvel — a wondrous joy. Happy New Year to you, Ananias friends.

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